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Uncle Jeff’s ORIGINAL Swamp Mud™ is our Magically Textured, Go To Prep Product for Non-porous and slick surfaces like Metal, Glass, Laminate, Veneer and Marble.


With just One coat of Uncle Jeff’s ORIGINAL Swamp Mud™ your Project is Primed and Paint Ready!  Yes, it can ALSO be used on any other type of surface as a base coat for your Paint!


Swamp Mud™ is also perfect for minimizing small imperfections.

Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated – Uncle Jeff’s ORIGINAL Swamp Mud™ is a Must Have in your Workshop!


16oz Size ONLY

Uncle Jeff's ORIGINAL Swamp Mud




    • Wipe the surface to remove dust and debris. For sticky or oily residue from old polish or spills, clean thoroughly with vinegar and hot water (50:50) and allow to dry.
    • High gloss surfaces may require light scuffing for best adhesion.

    Application Instructions:

    Uncle Jeff’s ORIGINAL Swamp Mud™ is a thick textured base coat that is designed to create the “tooth” or “grooves” on a non-sandable, non-porous surfaces such as plastic laminate, glass, metal and marble.  This “tooth” allows the paint to adhere to the those surfaces.  Swamp Mud™ also minimizes the appearance of small imperfections. It can also be used to create a faux two color faded paint look.

    • Brush on a generous coat of Swamp Mud™ and allow to dry completely. It will lose its shine once it is dry.
    • Next apply two coats of your favorite Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint and allow paint to completely dry between coats.
    • Apply one of our Antiquing or Metallic Glazes, if desired, and finish with one to two coats of one of our Luster Topcoats . Allow to cure for 24 hours before putting into gentle daily use.

    Swamp Mud™ may also be diluted slightly to be used as a base primer to help cover dark surfaces.

    Application Instructions to use Swamp Mud™ as a Base Primer

    • Dilute Swamp Mud slightly and apply a generous coat of Swamp Mud™ to your project, allowing to dry completely.
    • Once dry brush on two coats of your chosen Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint allowing complete dry time between coats.
    • After paint has dried distress and/or glaze if you wish. If using Antiquing Glaze allow glaze to dry over night before sealing.

    Apply one or two coats of one of our Luster Products to seal for added protection

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