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Stamperia A4 Decoupage Rice Paper - Rose Parfum Fabric Sheets - 4 Pack SBPLT08

Made in Hungary.

12" x 12"


Stamperia Vintage Library Fabric Sheets feature four sheets of fabric, each measuring approximately 12x12 inches. The set showcases a variety of book-inspired designs, including a background of books on shelves, a leather book cover texture, pages, and flourishes.
Cristina Radovan, a skilled mixed-media artist, leads us through a fascinating trip going through romantic stories, music, discoveries and magic, but do not worry as she will be with you for the whole journey. You will travel with your imagination, in a land that does not exist outside your mind. The fabric can be easily incorporated into sewing projects by hand or by machine, or it can be used with craft glue. It is also washable by hand in cold water, making it ideal for a variety of mixed media and crafting projects.

Stamperia - Rose Parfum Fabric Sheets - 4 Pack SBPLT08

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