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Stamperia A4 Decoupage Rice Paper - Amazonia Butterfly, DFSA4533

Made in Hungary.

8.27" x 11.69"


The Rice Paper Napkin is an exclusive production by Stamperia, the first printed Rice Paper for Decoupage in the world.


Rice paper is printed by frame in serigraphy such as silk scarves. We've further improved the quality of the fiber getting a paper that looks like a fabric, soft and durable. Very thin (14 g / m²) and resistant, can be used on big surfaces also on round ones.


Individually packed in a clear bag.


Apply with Decoupage, Velo Glue, always on light coloured backgrounds. Is suitable for wood, cardboard, metal, and glass.


Once stuck down it will become transparent, giving a veiled effect.

Stamperia A4 Decoupage Rice Paper - Amazonia Butterfly, DFSA4533

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