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Like the pastes the patinas come in two varieties, the oil-based Artisan Patinas available in a more traditional range of colours or the water-based Aqua Patinas which come in a much more bold, boho range of colours. Both sets of patinas a very highly pigmented and are used for bringing out the details in your designs – they’re great at emphasizing the intricacies in the WoodUbend mouldings.


A little really does go a long way with the Posh Chalk Patinas and you need the tiniest bit – it’s often easier to apply these with your finger rather than a small brush. These are for highlighting, not for painting a wall with! Like the pastes though, feel free to use these on outdoor projects, once cured they are weather resistant.


The curing process differs depending on what surface you’re applying them to but a good rule of thumb for both the Aqua and Artisan range is that on a porous surface you want to be leaving it for about a week to cure.


The main take away for the patinas though is to use a little bit! Inevitably you’ll need to come back in and wipe a bit away anyway – but when used right, they add so much depth to a project.

Posh Chalk Aqua Patina

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