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Miss Lillian’s Metallic Paints are Beautiful, Shimmering Paint Colors ranging from Translucent to Opaque that will take any Project from Ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY! 


Our Metallic Paint Colors were developed to be used as either a Standalone Paint or in conjunction with our Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint Colors.


We recommend Miss Lillian’s EXTENDER to help extend drying time and brush back marks when using Metallic Paint.


All Over or just as an Accent, Miss Lillian’s Metallic Paints are a MUST HAVE in your Paint Collection!

Miss Lillian's Metallic Paint


    Maximum adhesion is achieved by simple prep of the surface

    Formulated to be used as a Standalone Paint OR in conjunction with our Miss Lillian’s NO WAX Chock Paint.


    1. Wipe the surface to remove dust and debris. For sticky or oily residue from old polish or spills, clean thoroughly with vinegar and hot water (50/50) and allow to dry.
    2. High gloss surfaces may require light scuffing for best adhesion. Laminate surfaces or non-sandable surfaces we recommend a thin coat of Uncle Jeff’s ORIGINAL Swamp Mud™

    Paint Instructions:

    1. Shake the jar vigorously.
    2. Open the jar and stir well.
    3. Apply the paint in THIN coats.
    4. Allow to dry thoroughly between coats. Drying time is 30-60 minutes but can vary depending on conditions such as humidity etc.
    5. We recommend one of our Luster Topcoats for high traffic surfaces.
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