Sharon Myers

Originally from Chicago, I have been living in the beautiful East Mountains of NM for 20+ years now. Currently, I am a graphic artist/web designer and commercial photographer by day and mad beader at night. I've been beading and making jewelry for over 20 years as my relaxing and sanity restoring habit.

I have always been a sparkle girl and I can still remember the first time I ever laid eyes on Swarovski crystals. My mom bought me a beautiful crystal rosary bracelet for my first communion. It had light blue sapphire Swarovski crystals on a sterling silver chain bracelet. I loved it, I cherished it and I wore it to death!

I want everyone to feel that way when they wear my Swarovski jewelry creations. Everyone deserves to have things that make them feel special and beautiful. I create my unique pieces of jewelry for that very purpose and I will show you how to create a little sparkle in your life too!

Check out my Etsy shop: SparkleBunnyFrouFrou

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