Mita Saldana

A Chicago native, Mita Saldana received her BA from Columbia College Chicago

where she developed her jewelry making skills as a silversmith.

After many years of working with the rigid and hard materials of her craft

she discovered the softness and give of paper and everything changed.

Returning to Columbia College’s brand new Book and Paper department

she continued her education in the book arts.

Mita moved to New Mexico and opened Against the Grain Center for Bookbinding.

For over 23 years she has been repairing and restoring used and rare books,

creating small editions, and teaching people

how to make books, boxes and the related arts.

In the past she has taught regularly at

The Hispanic Cultural Center, Santa Fe Community College,

The Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque Academy,

and private studios and numerous retail locations across the state.

Her work has been exhibited in both Illinois and New Mexico

and she is one of the founding members of

Libros: New Mexico Book Arts Guild.

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