Melissa Sandoval

After spending 10 years as a teacher in the Albuquerque Public Schools teaching elementary children , I found a new passion in herbal therapeutics, aromatherapy and traditional healing arts. I have always craved a creative outlet, as well as subject material that is intellectually stimulating, so in 2010 I return to college and began crafating my own herbal remedies and salves. As more of my family and friends requested my creations , and I grew to the friends of friends , my small business , Wethington Holistic Arts was born in 2016.

Education and sharing my knowledge are truly in my nature. I am always delighted by the thoughtful questions that I am asked when my husband and I are at local Farmer's Market and Fairs. So it is with great excitement that I am collaborating with SW Craft Connection.

I now have a place to offer the community an opportunity to learn how to incorporate herbs and essential oils into their everyday life.

I look forward to sharing my passion with you

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