Jenna Wagner

Jenna is a mixed media artist, instructor, and designer.

A transplanted Californian, Jenna lives and

works in beautiful New Mexico,

where she finds inspiration in her physical and

social surroundings and from her travels.

A classically trained patisserie chef,

she recently decided to honor the inspiration and examples of her maternal lineage by shifting to creating art full time

via painting, textiles, decoupage, polymer clay, mixed metals and her newest passion - marionettes!

Jenna has a life-long love of the unique and different

and this love is seen in her one-of-a-kind work.

No duplicates can be found in Jenna's art -

every handmade item is unique.

Experimental is probably the best word to describe

Jenna's approach to her art and her teaching.

Her work can be found at retail establishments in Albuquerque

and in private homes across the United States.

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