Christa Callen Tarr

My name is Christa Callen Tarr. I was born into an artistic family and was encouraged to express my creativity from a very young age. My first drawings were simple circles and lines (my face, an oscillating fan, a pickle). I quickly learned that my drawings brought others joy and so I made hand colored cards for every occasion (one of them even had a Jack-in-the-Box clown on the front).

As I grew, I tried every form of artistic expression I could!!! Kind of an art junkie. In August 2019, I began working at a paint your own pottery studio on Albuquerque's west side teaching acrylic painting classes. What excited me most about that opportunity was the challenge of breaking each painting down into steps so that I could bring others along in the creative process.

My paintings are colorful and inspired by the local cultural beauty.

I am excited to join the Tribe at SW Craft Connection and share my passion and process.

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