Celeste Nossiter

All my life the joy and mystery of color has been my motivating principle, first in painting and now in knitwear design. I have my BA from Brandeis University and a MFA from Pratt Institute but after being a starving artist and unable to get a full time college teaching job, i gave up that dream. Twenty years later I discovered Fair Isle Knitting. In 2003, a knitting tour of Shetland Scotland rekindled my creative juices and I began making my own knitted designs. That trip sparked an intensive learning period, where I experienced that color knitting doesn't work the same way as color on canvas.

Since I love travel, I started analyzing traditional textile motifs from different cultures and the trade routes by which they are shared across cultures. Several trips to Turkey inspired me to translate traditional tribal Anatolian and classical Ottoman motifs into knitted designs.

My greatest joy is sharing my passion with students: helping them translate their personal inspirations in knitted designs. That includes an experimental, hands-on approach to learning more about color so they can achieve their desired results.

I teach beginning and intermediate class in stranded knitting and playful approach to color theory. My heart's desire is to bring out the inner artist that exists in everyone through stranded knitting and color study

I look forward to meeting you , now at SW Craft Connection.

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