Betty Krause

Betty Franks Krause is a San Francisco Bay Area artist, who discovered her creative side at 50 ! Betty quickly immersed herself in mixed media for the first couple of years and then dedicated her art to abstract painting with acrylic and pencils. She discovered her love for fields of flowers while visiting her parents in Croatia in the Springtime when all the wildflowers are in full bloom. She is a mark maker with a passion for layering and creating texture in her colorful abstract art.

Betty is traveling throughout the USA to share how she infuses her art with feelings of happiness, joy and warmth.

SWCC is proud to be her Albuquerque stop.

Excerpt from her website:

Ok, close your eyes (wait, not yet...) and imagine standing in a field surrounded by all your favorite flowers in all your favorite colors. Breathe in deeply and let the heavenly scent tickle your nose. Wrap your arms around yourself and imagine hugging a huge bouquet so close to you that you're fully embraced by the glorious colors, shapes and scents. Yeah....that's where I am when I am creating my art.

You can read and see more of her art at

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