SW Craft Connection is a new studio space located in the Northeast Heights. Opened in January 2019, it offers a dedicated, open-studio space, full of beautiful natural light for New Mexico’s artists and crafters. 


Located in the Scottsdale Village shopping center off of Eubank and Candelaria, SW Craft Connection is next door to Annie’s Soup Kitchen (a 40 year staple establishment in Albuquerque), the parking lot is ample and well-lit so crafting into the evening is safe. 


SW Craft Connection offers a spacious, well-lit area for various crafts. Not only is the space available for private parties and open studios, SW Craft Connection specializes in providing classes and workshops in all mediums of art. Paper-crafters, Fiber Arts, Mixed Media, Jewelry, Acrylics, Polymer Clay & so many more.


The studio can seat up to 40 students, artists, or crafters.  Even 4-6 wheelchair artist have tables available for comfort creating.  The space is complete with an instructor’s work-space table for demonstrations and a flat screen TV, enabled with casting live views of the instructor’s crafting surface.

In addition to the long tables, all are equipped with power strips, SW Craft Connection offers ample space for crafters during their classes. 

Furthermore, SW Craft Connection has a coffee station, an ever so important fuel for the Artist and Crafter alike. As well as other beverages, like Tea, Soda and Water. Snacks are also served during the classes and workshops, provided by the instructors.


Along it’s wonderful crafting studio, SW Craft Connection is the regional retailer for WoodUBend (from London), Unicorn Spit & Artistic Vivations, and American Paint Company, products you can only find here. 

Also, front and center are the local Artists. Spotlighting their talents and their creations, you can purchase one of a kind local art.


Like fellow artists and crafters, Garianne Fuentes, founder of SW Craft Connection, was discouraged with crafting in miscellaneous places, unfavorable in safety and lighting. The problem of a crafter was certain to meet a creative and crafty solution: SW Craft Connection was founded to provide a clean, well-lit, safe, spacious, open and accessible studio, dedicated to elevating the Artists and Crafters of the community. Come check out and enjoy all SW Craft Connection has to offer!